Daily Life: Functional Vs. Emotional

There are two aspects to Caregiving –

  • The emotional aspect that requires dealing with the fact that your loved one is sick.
  • The functional aspect related to daily chores that require planning and management.


A caregiver was kind enough to compile a list of things that need to be done on a typical day/week in a household with a patient.


Shopping and cooking for the patient

– Taking them out for a walk or a stroll in the wheel chair for fresh air

– Housekeeping – washing soiled linens and keeping their living area odour-free

– Grooming for the patient – bathing, changing their clothes when they soil them, etc

– Administering timely medication as per the prescription

– Being alert – changing diapers, providing spittoons for vomitting or bed pans for passing motions/urine

– Feeding patients an appropriate diet based on their needs – less salt, spice, semi-solid, liquid, etc.

– Tending to visitors who come, providing refreshments, etc.

– Providing emotional support during doctors’ visits, when friends/relatives stop visiting, etc.


It is but natural that a caregiver feels stressed or torn between the functional and emotional tasks required of her/him. To top it all, she/he still has to deal with the effect of the patient’s condition on their lifestyle. We are looking to provide assistance and companionship to caregivers for some of the tasks listed above, for e.g. shopping for the groceries or being the visitor who keeps the patient company while the caregiver tends to the chores, or just coming over breaking the monotony by listening to the caregiver.

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